A Message from Chairman Frank MacKay

The Independence Party is a growing movement and we are a party experiencing tremendous growth.  Independents are the greatest threat to the extremist political duopoly that has created mass dysfunction, debt, and mismanagement throughout federal, state and local governments.  Our presence as independent thinkers also antagonizes America's news editorial boards, which have thrived for far too long on their entangled financial and personal relationships with individuals tied to the democratic and republican political establishments.  It's a triad of power and control that has enabled too many unqualified and self-serving politicians to do a lot of damage to this nation and its political and economic institutions.  


I disagree with "deep state theories" that put the blame for government dysfunction on well-meaning and often powerless civil servants.  We all know social service workers, military, police and peace officers, government office clerks, parks and road workers and data-crunchers that are just doing the best job they can. Where there are problems, it can always be traced back to a lack of true leadership from the top, policies misaligned with reality, and appropriate training and supervision.  

Poor leadership and corruption have eroded public faith in governmental institutions, and promises for reforms fall short because we are essentially asking the people that thrive and benefit from the system to create change.  When there are "reforms" they are often shortsighted -- a smokescreen designed to protect the status quo. 

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