Brock J. Pierce for President
Karla Ballard for Vice-President

The Independence Party is fundamentally changing politics as usual, and Brock J. Pierce is the kind of principled leader that can move this nation forward and create a new major party in America based on the ideals of an Independent Left-Right-Center Coalition

Brock J. Pierce is running for President to break up the duopoly of the two-party political system and to usher in a new era of openness, accountability, and truth in government.  Brock believes there is “only one American political establishment in power. The "two party system" that has ruled the United States of America for the past 200 years is simply an externalized display of the infighting of a single political establishment.”

Brock J. Pierce is a proven innovator and global leader in technology and the economics of digital currency. Brock’s love for technology and its limitless possibilities inspired him to become an entrepreneur at the age of 16 and eventually a leader in blockchain technology, a modern expression of the American dream. Brock’s companies and his inventiveness have helped grow the American economy, and through his development and investments in emerging technologies such as the blockchain, he has created thousands of jobs and a strong economic foundation for future generations.

It is this kind of pioneering spirit and ingenuity, along with his new role as a father, that has led Brock Pierce to contemplate the future of America, and how to fix systemic government dysfunction. Brock believes that the United States is at a pivot point in its history.  The emergence of new technologies, national and world-wide social unrest, and the conflicts between the scientific world and traditional old-school politicians requires a new kind of leadership.  If we can’t keep up with the changes occurring in the nation and globally, if we lack the energy and understanding to navigate a new kind of economic relationship with the world, and if we fail to invest in education, jobs and the environment is highly strategic ways, we will lose our standing in the global order.

The year 2020 has forced us to rethink life as we know it.  We need a leader who can truly create a path forward based in demonstrated foresight, truthfulness, freedom, sustainability, and a humane system of well-being for all. Therefore, the Independence Party of New York is proud to endorse Brock J. Pierce for President of the United States.

We are also wholeheartedly pleased to support Karla Ballard for Vice President of the United States.  In addition to a strong track record in business and social change, she will take her place in history among the women running for Vice President in the 2020 election. 


About Brock J. Pierce

Candidate for President

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Brock J. Pierce was born into a middle class home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to a mother who was a preacher and a father who worked in construction. He began his career early as a child-actor, starring in The Mighty Ducks and First Kid. At 16, Brock’s love for technology and its limitless possibilities inspired him to become an entrepreneur and eventually a leader in blockchain technology, a modern expression of the American dream.

As a young entrepreneur, Brock founded and helped build companies in digital entertainment, technology and digital currency. By building and developing numerous successful businesses, Brock eventually became a global leader and pioneer in the technology and digital currency industries. Brock’s companies have helped grow the American economy, providing jobs and economic security for thousands of people.


After seeing the devastation Hurricane Maria left behind in Puerto Rico in 2017, Brock developed the Integro Foundation, a Puerto Rico-based nonprofit organization providing philanthropic resources to the Caribbean Islands and indigenous people of Latin America. With programs designed to revive areas in critical need, the Integro Foundation empowers life to thrive on the planet. Integro provides relief during times of crisis, working with vetted local charities, organizations, and government agencies to deploy resources efficiently with fully accountable donations.

Brock's experiences led him to become an advocate for due process and rule of law. He is dedicated to fostering an efficient, fair, and coherent justice system. As the founder of the Brock Pierce Foundation, Brock's philanthropy focuses on improving the lives of Americans and people around the world, supporting civil liberties, education and human rights. His foundation supports the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, the Center for Individual Rights, the Brennan Center for Human Rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union. The Brock Pierce Foundation also provides funding to the arts and cutting-edge research in medicine and mental health.

Brock holds two honorary ambassadorships in South Korea for his international leadership in technology and philanthropy. He is the Honorary President of Gimcheon Blockchain AI center which helps female entrepreneurs advance in the technology industry.

Brock has been a regular lecturer at Singularity University and has spoken at Mobile World CongressWIREDINK, Stanford University, USC, and UCLA. His life’s work has been featured in numerous publications including The New York TimesForbes, FortuneWIRED, and Rolling Stone.


About Karla Ballard

Candidate for Vice President

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Karla Ballard is Founder and CEO of YING, a peer to peer skill sharing and global time-sharing platform (IOS /Android App) engaging consumers and brands in a complimentary currency that supports community and individual benefits.

YING leverages the growth of the sharing economy's trends and millennials interest in accessing alternative ways to transact services aimed toward building deeper community connections. The platform has a b2b enterprise engagement for NGO's and Corporations as well creating a plug in play sharing ecosystem for any affinity group.

Ballard was formerly SVP of Participant Media's TAG division, a social-action agency working with brands, foundations and the public sector to ignite compelling campaigns that drove impact in vulnerable communities.

Prior to joining Participant Media, she was with Ogilvy & Mather as the SVP and lead for The IMPACT Studio working on projects that ranged from the State of California to Sony Pictures Television.

Previously Karla worked at One Economy Corporation where she led a vital division of a $51 million BTOP grant focused broadband adoption and became an appointee to the Federal Communications Committee on Diversity in Media. In addition, she created and led corporate relationships with partners such as Comcast/NBC, Verizon, Participant Media, Sprint, City Year, and others. She is current Advisory Board member to Blue Star Families, Hashtag Lunchbag, USC's Next Gen Council for Steven Spielberg's SHOAH Foundation and Philadelphia250. She currently serves as Global Co-Chair of Shareable.

Ballard was a former board member of Alliance for Women in Media and Co-Chair of the Gracie's Awards Gala, the Marcus Graham Project, A Sense of Home. She's been a visiting speaker at Harvard, UCLA, and Georgetown University and is a former board member of the nation's second largest Community College, Northern Virginia Community College. Karla is also the co-founder of the first Urban League in the state of Delaware, The Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, and served as the first female national president of the National Urban League Young Professionals.

In 2012 Karla was awarded in NYC the Keepers of the Dream award from the National Action Network.