The Independence Party is an organization where independent-minded New Yorkers, and people outside the political extremes, can find a home with those of similar views.  

Independence Party seeks to foster balanced and pragmatic leadership and an end to partisan stagnation in government.  

We pride ourselves on being the only non-ideological political party -- a big tent of individuals with a diversity of ideas rooted in common sense.  We are unique in that the Independence Party does not take positions on divisive social issues. 

Furthermore, we never ask political candidates or elected officials to bend their views to meet the narrow tenets of a political party.  We expect candidates to speak truthfully to the voters and their constituents unencumbered by political leadership.  

We strive to drive transformation in government by advocating for independent and progressive leadership that is not beholden to special interests. 

We support ethical, experienced leaders as candidates, and those who pledge to actively root out waste, fraud, and mismanagement. 

Read excerpts from What About the Rest of Us?

Over the years, certain members of the New York press have claimed that the Independence Party stands for 'nothing.' This could not be further from the truth.  We believe the decline of the print media as an industry has led to a similar decline in the overall quality of journalism, and despite our efforts to correct the record and provide thorough and meaningful responses to the small number of reporters and editors who have made such claims, they continue to print falsehoods.  Some of this is rooted in political bias and lack of initiative for fact-checking, and in other cases, it's truly journalistic malpractice.  

If you would like to understand the Independence Party, its history and what is stands for, please read the book, What About The Rest of Us? by Chairman Frank MacKay.  It is available on Amazon, Kindle and through other fine retailers.