Intelligent, Ethical, & Balanced Leadership

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Help us preserve your RIGHT to Electoral Free Choice. 

In the middle of the height of the COVID pandemic, Albany lawmakers schemed to eliminate the minor parties in New York State by passing a law, which they slipped into the budget, to make it difficult to maintain ballot status.  LEARN MORE about how this election could affect ELECTORAL CHOICE.  Learn about how NY lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, are attempting to consolidate their power in Albany, to YOUR DETRIMENT.  

Indy Spotlight 

In the INDY Spotlight this week we highlight Brittany Kaiser, Brock and Karla's Campaign Manager and subject of the Netflix documentary film, The Great Hack!  The documentary provides details about how Cambridge Analytica used data brokers and an online app to accumulate information on tens of millions of Facebook users, gathering data on a massive scale. Kaiser's memoir, Targeted: The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower's Inside Story of How Big Data, Trump, and Facebook Broke Democracy and How It Can Happen Again, was published by Harper in October 2019. The book details how companies are illegally using data to influence people’s choices.

Our Vision

The Independence Party is comprised of  individuals from across the political spectrum. We support candidates committed to good government practices grounded in data-driven policy and common sense.    

Message from Chairman Frank MacKay

We stand for honest dialogue with the American People and an end to empty political posturing and rhetoric that has long been fortified by the media, in collusion with the nation’s two-party system.

Get Involved and Vote

The Independence Party is a grassroots organization working to  create a THIRD MAJOR PARTY in America.  The Independence Party of New York and other  independent political organizations are working together towards this goal. 

Building a Resilient and Sustainable Future for
ALL Americans

Through Public Policy Firmly Grounded in Research, Data, and Responsible Capitalism

The Independence Party's 2020 presidential ticket is reflective of the multi-generational and multi-racial activism of our times.  Brock Pierce for President and Karla Ballard for Vice President represent hope, faith in humanity, deep patriotism, and a love for our country. They bring an understanding of how data, science, and technology fuels the grassroots economy -- and how responsible and humane leadership, leveraged with innovation and progressive capitalism, can transform people's lives for the better. 

Brock has a vision for this country to change the metrics by which we measure our success as a nation: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  "It's time to secure the rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness for all Americans."  

In brief, we need to find a way in people's basic needs can be met.  He favors universal basic income, universal healthcare, a quality education for all, and safe housing.  We need to reallocate our resources to achieve these measures, while also maintaining our values of liberty, the ability of large and small businesses to thrive. Economic prosperity is at the heart of Brock's message. 

Vote for Independence.  Vote for a less politically polarized and
more united America.

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